Seeing a child put on a new school uniform creates the biggest smiles at Imibala!

The Imibala Trust has 20 partner schools in the Helderberg Basin of which 12 are Primary and 8 are High Partner. The beneficiaries of the Sponsor A Child programme are identified from the Primary School communities by our Schools Liaison Team. A verification form is used to determine those children in whose homes there is little or no income or where there is a financial burden and if the criteria are fulfilled, they are put in onto Zoho, our web-based data base.

As donations are received, they are allocated to the children who are on our system. Donations for this programme are regarded as an investment in the education of a child – giving them an opportunity to become the best they can be. For this reason, once the donor and child link has been made, it is hoped that, to ensure sustainability and effectiveness, the sponsorship will become an on-going commitment. With a new school uniform children can be identified as part of the school and look like their peers. Having a school uniform, they are also more likely to participate fully in the education process. A school uniform levels the playing fields, in more ways than one!

Your donation will ensure that each child receives a full school tracksuit, a pair of leather school shoes, a jersey, a rain jacket, socks, underwear, a t-shirt and a school bag with basic stationery.

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