George Lamb Smart Lead group outing

‘The horizon leans forward, offering you space to place new steps of change.’ Maya Angelou

In 2018, an enthusiastic group of learners from Macassar Secondary School was selected for the George Lamb Smart Lead group for a 3-year personal development and leadership programme. 2020 marks the end of this journey and the now close-knit group of learners celebrated the completion of the programme with a morning exploring the beautiful Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden which features more than 60 works by Dylan Lewis, nestled between indigenous flora and fauna

‘The day at the sculpture garden was truly incredible’, said Pieter, which started with a guided meditation and an introductory yoga session lead by Kirstin, followed by a morning of peaceful exploration of the sculpture garden, and concluding with a meal at the Mooi Berge Restaurant.

This group of soon-to-be matriculants will be supported throughout their first year of studies, to ensure they adapt to their new lives after school. Imibala could not be prouder of this motivated, engaged, and mature group of young people. Thanks to the generosity of the George Lamb Smart Lead programme we hope to see them lead full and successful lives.